About Me

Chara Burgh is a German-American Model and Actress. At an early age she was exposed to the photography of Helmut Newton and Ellen Von Unwerth and learned to appreciate the female form as a work of art. Though she was scouted a few times as a teenager, her shyness prevented her from pursuing modeling. It wasn’t until she was in fashion design school in downtown Los Angeles (where she was scouted to be a fit model) that she finally started out in the industry. Her passion for modeling has allowed her to build a portfolio ranging from high fashion to conceptual, utilizing classic and unusual methods and partnering with photographers to create emotive and eye catching images.
Her dance background (ballet), mixed with her thin but femininely curvy frame has made her the sought after choice by many fine art photographers. With her unrelenting dedication and flare for setting any mood, she continually pushes herself to make sure that every bit of work is at its best. She has taken that drive to various locations around the United States and Europe. While she is a complete professional, “up-tight” is not in her vocabulary and she is often described as fun loving & comedic; never taking herself or anything else too seriously. She was recently interviewed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno regarding some prank videos between her and a fellow model friend which gained worldwide exposure. Chara intends on perfecting her craft and building new skills for the sake of the art that she loves so much and strives to bring fresh new ideas to constantly raise the bar of originality. She currently attends acting classes at June Chandler’s Actors Workshop.